Sleep Cooking

I half expected to wake up and find a sandwich partly made on my kitchen counter, though in the dream there were also two microwaves. I don’t know how I would have worked around that.


I try to make a ham


For about an hour.

I am so tired, I keep

Forgetting that I’ve started

The bread in the toaster, taken

Out the meat, the cheese, it’s

Already happening, I can’t sleep



In magical dream worlds, you have to be just as careful of murderous stalkers as you do in real life.


They usually


At the doors for

Suspicious things that are never there,

But tonight as we

Stumble in drunk

On partying, our house demons,

Two butler frogs,

Ignore us,

And let in a fourth

Unwanted guest.

His eyes are blue and deep

And when

He crawls into our room,

They turn on us persuasive light

That robs all thought

From helpless brains.

Our brother falls

From the roof at last,

And as we hold

Him by a rope,

Our sister shoots him

In the chest,

And nothing will be the same.


I’ve been battling fin rot and other things in my betta for a few weeks in real life, so this dream doesn’t much surprise me.


My betta’s fins have been

Stunted of late, torn by rot

I’ve yet to treat away. So

When i see him fully healed,

It’s wonderful, a dream.

But there are two fish, now,

One with full fans that sway

In a wind of water, the other

Rotting further, pecked apart

By sparrows that I try and fail

To chase away. It dies,

And leaves me with only

Slowly circling health.


This was a particularly odd dream, and it didn’t even involve magic or getting shot at.


He’s a kind, older gentleman

With a mansion I often stay in,

Several cars, and my well-being

As a priority. But I can’t deny it

Anymore – He wants to sleep with me.

Not in the way older gentlemen tend

To want to sleep with young women,

But as part of a real relationship

He thinks we’re building. I tell

Our mutual friend, I love him but

I have a girlfriend, it’s not like that

For me. Both of us know that here

In this secluded luxury, it’s not impossible

That a kind, older gentleman could turn

Unkind. She advises me only

To take the drive I’ve planned with her,

And think.

I think about driving away.


Just another day at dream work.


It’s lockdown.

That means all of us barricading ourselves

In this small back room,

Using only the food and drink we’ve brought

To survive however long.

Luckily, our group is small.

I’ve forgotten to fill my water bottle,

But that’s all right – no one else has,

And there are spares in a kit in the floor.

I’ve also forgotten to check first if anyone else was in here.

A girl, tired-looking and lanky, lifts herself like a stowaway

From the boxes, asks if she please can join us.

We have no choice but to let her, now;

The door is already locked.