My girlfriend’s cat has gotten out of the house for about the third time in a year. I guess it’s familiar enough to my subconscious now for it to start spitting out dreams about it.


My girlfriend’s cat

Has followed her mom’s car to our party,

The one that got loose, a scrap

Of tabby tail at the door.

I kneel down, hold out my hand,

And he comes like he’s always been

Too skittish to do before.

I lift him into my arms, purring.

As long as I don’t let go,

He’ll be home soon.


I have never been so creeped out by a chair with only three legs, but that’s dreams for you.


It’s a bus stop, but you couldn’t tell it

From a horror film –

Chairs with missing legs

That turn when you turn your back,

Old children’s clothes and

A woman who assures

It’s haunted.

It’s all right, though,

She says, because the boy’s soul

Has already entered

The doll at the table, and it’s easiest

To pacify him when he’s there –

Just hold, and sway.

Dreaming of Sleep Again

I’ve had a lot of dreams like this recently, ordinary household living that’s more lucid than any of the other dreams I have, but during which I am stupidly tired. I should probably look that up.


I’ve checked

My mail, and read

All I needed to.

But it’s made me so


Even at such an odd hour.

I can’t sleep now, I’ll be up all night,

But I can’t even set down the computer

And the cords before

The world goes white.

Sharing is Caring Too Much

Even in dreams, it’s best not to have roommates.


I am not

Living alone, after all.

Six girls share this small room,

And the bunks up an attic stair.

They’re so little around, I’ve forgotten until

One of them sits me down, has a talk

About the way I’ve been behaving:

Eating food in bed, leaving dishes in the sink,

Uncouth manners among bunkmates.

I point out all the furniture I own,

Ask her how she can blame me for acting

As though it’s only me, when the room is

Essentially mine. She’s not having it,

And I realize

I’m going to have to move again.

Sleep Cooking

I half expected to wake up and find a sandwich partly made on my kitchen counter, though in the dream there were also two microwaves. I don’t know how I would have worked around that.


I try to make a ham


For about an hour.

I am so tired, I keep

Forgetting that I’ve started

The bread in the toaster, taken

Out the meat, the cheese, it’s

Already happening, I can’t sleep