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It’s All Fun and Games Until You Invite a Vampire

With some of the friends I have I wouldn’t be overly surprised if this happened.


My friend hosts a party,

A regular get-together with

Dancing, talking, drinking, and people,

Some I know and some I don’t.

It becomes quickly

Apparent that one of those

New friends, a woman with a powerful

Voice and strong face, is actually

A vampire –

One who bites

All of us relatively fast, and becomes

The life of the party.

I begin to wonder what my fiancee

Will say about all this, but

The urge to obey our

New mistress’s commands

Is forceful, and sweet.


Sanity is a Construct

This is probably a little too true in real life, too.


He starts babbling

As we eat, his words slipping

Away from sanity among

The four of us. His smile never

Wavers. I say,

I think you’re doing

This on purpose –

Go a little insane

To keep our sanity;

Build our focus by

Giving us something


He winks to me, and I

Appreciate the gesture –

We are, after all, only four,

And if it were ever only me

In this deserted hangar

In this waste of desert I think

I would go mad very quickly.


Really it probably isn’t a good idea.


They’re terraforming the moon,

We discover. Creating lush

Habitats, or as lush as they can

Get them, for new animals they have

Genetically stitched to life.

My team signs up to go, but are

Secretly against all this,

Plan among each other while we

Ford the pounding waves of the

New ocean, climb the trees

Of the new jungle, shop

The aisles of the new mall

In the new barracks, how we can

Destabilize this whole operation.

Festival Floors

Every night is party night in dreams.


It’s well past midnight at this

All-building rager –

Floor after floor of

Food, sweets, dancing, drinking,

Games, fashion, talk, and fun.

It’s starting to wear on me but

I can’t help dipping into one more

Store, cross beneath the low light

Of a crystal chandelier to a wood-

Panelled balcony, and through the door

Of what could be a small Trader Joe’s.

Consider stocking up on

Foreign sodas and packaged cookies.