Tattoos Again

I’m getting another tattoo, so this dream is easy enough to figure the source of except for that rhino with a cake.


The shop I need

Is in a tattoo bazaar –

Stall after stall of flash on the wall

And separate lighting, separate flooring,

For each one, as if

You’d be standing in a full shop,

But miniature.

We look through some

Of the other art, until the man

Who will do my 3-hour design

Says he’s ready.

There’s another piece I like,

I say to my friends, and they both

Beg me not to say

It’s the rhino with the cake,

Because they both want it.

The rhino is painted along the back wall,

Cute and illustrative.

But I meant an idea for a sleeve

On my artist’s pinboard,

Of a bird on a branch,

Both drawn with chemical formulas

For lines.


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