I have no idea what this dream’s about really.


They are turning our river into

A theme park.

Music plays at all hours,

The sweeping scores of pirate

Movies, and to either side of our

Highway bridge there are

Barges of mechanical stuffs,

Colorful but

Unknowable from shore.

It will bring in tourists, but it

Will not keep me.

Honeycomb Living

I’ve never been in a dorm like this, but I’m reasonably sure I would give walking through it a try if presented one.


She takes us to

Her dorm, a maze

Of doors not all

Attached to the

Ground. Like bees,

We climb the walls

With her, sideways

And nearly up-

Side-down to get

To her room.

She says go on, our

Own is waiting on the

Other side – But with-

Out her to guide, I

Cannot find

Where to place my arms

And legs to crawl,

Instead of falling.

Teach a Man to Party, He’ll Party Forever

Yeah, college students really are like this. Trust me.


Our college is helping fund their high school,

So they invite us over for a party.

Bad idea -

We’re animals, ripping up

The glass jars of food,

Taking whole buffets with us as we walk

Instead of single-servings.

Some mention they’re taking the silverware

When they leave.

And over it all, the heavy thump

Of our bass, our screams, our leaps

On tables. My friend doesn’t approve,

Sits out to the side on a bench, but there’s

Cheesecake waiting on a table unstepped-on,

And I have a fork, and an appetite for fun.



One of those dreams where the vague layout of your college combines with all the anime you watched there.


They play a game with us:

Are we truly hunting you, or faking?

So I play a game with them:

Do I have magic, or not?

All things are believable,

In the corridors of this castle,

The darkened rooms that open

Into bright courtyards as we run.

Dozens of us, only four of them,

But they find my small group

Backed into a parlor. I

Swipe my hand across the door,

Across the second, tell them these

Are barriers they cannot pass.

The leader, with his sunken eyes,

Chooses to move away, but I can only

Do this so many times, before he’ll test it.

Swept into an open space, seats lined up

As for a show. I no longer know the way

Out, but my friend sits next to me,

Assures me the game always drives us

Further in. But two rows behind me,

A hunter presses a sharp tool to my

Girlfriend’s smile, and I don’t

Believe in my magic, but

I do believe in their killing,

So I leap to tell themĀ I will shoot

Fire at them if they do not stop. It takes

Longer, this time, for this one

To move. A girl, one of us,

Laughs at my creativity.

But I know I’ll need a weapon,

Like the ones they have,

If I want a chance at winning.


Last night’s dreams were both about murdering, for some reason.


It’s on me.

Here in this wood-paneled

Room, with two friends I barely know,

Telling me

Our short and nasty new professor

Is nasty enough to kill.

But I have never had him,

And I am holding the sword.

Upstairs, he’ll be

Asleep in his room -

A quick slice or

Stab will do it.

But I return to them



We leave by moonlight,

Their disgust loud as crickets.